WAVEPLANT is an audio consulting agency focused on immersive audio and sonic branding. Founded by award-winning composer and sound designer Joel Corelitz.


Audio Strategy

Every sound has a job to do. We help figure out what that job is so we can design the perfect fit.

Waveplant developed and implemented the musical strategy for Apple’s iPad game of the year, Gorogoa, where the flow of the music is determined by the way the player moves through the game.

Audio Branding & Product Sounds

Audio branding often consists of many sounds working together to create an ownable, unified audio system. It’s a lot to pack into short sounds and has even been referred to as microcomposing. And we’re here for it.

343 Industries Audio Logo
Crafted the spirit of the Halo Universe, Joel Corelitz composed the musical audio logo for 343 Industries, which premiered in Halo Infinite, and is the first thing heard when the game is launched.

Halo Infinite
For the first time in Halo history, custom created musical sound effects were used to reward item discovery. All were created in the musical spirit of the Halo universe, of course.