WAVEPLANT is an audio consulting agency focused on immersive audio and sonic branding. Founded by award-winning composer and sound designer Joel Corelitz.



Joel Corelitz (founder) believes technology has a soul and music & sound design are part of the same thing. He creates emotional, design driven scores by fusing music and sound design into a unified audio experience centered around texture and mood.

Joel is a composer & sound designer best known for his work in games and experiences. Joel co-composed the score to Halo Infinite, due for release in 2021. He recently wrote additional music and designed the palette behind the score for arguably the most anticipated game of 2019 - Death Stranding. In 2018, he scored and developed the audio strategy for Gorogoa, Apple’s iPad Game of the Year. He also wrote the music for The Unfinished Swan, a baroque-style score that cleverly blends electronics with a live string orchestra, garnering him a BAFTA nomination for Best Original Music.